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[PROGSOC-ANNOUNCE] Notice of Special General Meeting (SGM)

This is a notice of SGM to all members.  All paid-up members are entitled
to attend and participate.  (The same applies for meetings of the ProgSoc
Executive, except in which case, only Executives can vote).

The purpose of the meeting is to vote on the abolition of Section 4.1.1 of
the Constitution.  The effect would be to allow non-UTS-Union members to
pay $10 for membership rather than $20.  Holding the meeting prior to the
AGM and O-day will allow us to charge a single price for all 2001

We need at least 7 members to attend to do the vote.

WHERE:		4/G25 or thereabouts

WHEN:		5:55pm, Monday 26 Feburary 2001

WHY:		To amend the constitution, following the resolution
		set out at the ProgSoc Executive meeting 25 January
		(minutes yet to be supplied).

AND THEN:	You can play with the SparcCenter 2000.

All proposed amendments require a Notice to the Secretary, as follows:


25 JAN 2001

Dear ProgSoc Secretary,

   Please call an SGM with regards to abolishment of Section 4.1.1 of the
ProgSoc Constitution.

SIGNED		Telford Tendys
COSIGNED	Mark Langsworth
COSIGNED	Christian Kent
COSIGNED	Gabriela Marcionetti
COSIGNED	Wim Pranata
COSIGNED	Matthew Keenan


Christian Kent
President, ProgSoc