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[PROGSOC-ANNOUNCE] Executive Meeting: Monday night

A meeting of the 2000 ProgSoc Executive will be held on Monday night,
5:55pm, ProgSoc room 4/G25.

Proposed Agenda

1.	ADMIN overhaul
1.1	Formalise admin@nospam. versus sudoers
1.2	Formalise admins versus 'www' groups etc
1.3	Formalise who is an admin, who decides
1.4	Provide web page with contact details?
1.5	Deprecate system@nospam., www@nospam. et al
1.5.1	Alias old jitterbug addresses to admin@nospam. ?
1.6	Invite new admins?
1.7	Invite new www groupies, etc?

2.	Virtual hosting for members
2.1	BYO domain
2.2	automated vs CSO-controlled?

3.	$20 memberships
3.1	Change constitution?
3.2	SGM to do it before O-day?

4.	Update web site
4.1	Who
4.2	What

5.	Other matters

Executives, please send additional agenda items to me before Monday.

Executives, please advise me if you need to make your apologies.

Christian Kent
President, ProgSoc