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[PROGSOC-ANNOUNCE] Progsoc General Meeting - This Thursday 27/5 6pm

Hi all,

We're gathering for a general meeting - TOMORROW! :D

Thursday, 27th of May, 6:00 PM
Building 10, Lab 03.210.

If you can at such short notice, come along for:

- Progsoc/FIT ACM Competition Team -
Locking l33t horns with the world's best coders in a quest for personal
growth, world domination and cold, hard cash.

- The Launch of the Progsoc Robocode Competition -
Write Java, Blow stuff up, Win prizes!

- The Eidelon Project -
Bringing the world to your desktop in MPEG-4 streaming video

- Free Mugs -
Those who took advantage of our renewal blitz special offer are eligible
to collect their free mugs!

- Account Locking -
Accounts of unfinancial members will be locked at the end of May. This is
your last chance to make cash renewal payments if you are not financial
for 2004, and your first chance to vote for which account should be the
first against the wall.

Plus all the usual jazz, tomfoolery, high jinks and shenanigans.