ProgSoc SGM/OGM, Thursday 8th August 1996

Dennis Clark (
Fri, 2 Aug 1996 17:52:40 +1000 (EST)

ProgSoc SGM/OGM Announcement

Date : Thursday 8th August, 1996
Time : 6pm
Place : Bornholt Room (Next to Union desk, Level 3, Building 1)

Meeting 1: Special General Meeting


This meeting has been called to vote on 11 motions on proposed
changes to ProgSoc's Constitution. A full listing of the
proposed amendments and explanatory notes are available at:

Meeting 2: Ordinary General Meeting

(This meeting will follow from the SGM after a short break)


* Adoption of business conducted in 1996 "AGM"

* Report on status of Progsoc network and upgrade

* Discussion of new draft Acceptable Usage Policy (*)

* Discussion of new draft Administrator Guidelines (**)

* Any other business

(*) A copy of the draft AUP is available at:

(**) A copy of the draft Admin Guidelines is available at:

Please forward any questions on the meeting itself to either myself
(see my .sig below for contact details) or Peter Lees
(E-mail: Pre-meeting discussion of agenda items
such as the proposed constitutional changes and draft policies is
welcome (and encouraged) on the progsoc mailing list

See you there,

Dennis Clark (Your User-Friendly ProgSoc Figurehead)

(NB. Peter Lees [ProgSoc secretary] posted a notice earlier this week that
hasn't gone through, perhaps mine will have more luck)

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