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[ProgSoc] Re: [PROGSOC-ANNOUNCE] Notice of Special General Meeting (SGM)

> WHY:            To amend the constitution, following the resolution
>                 set out at the ProgSoc Executive meeting 25 January
>                 (minutes yet to be supplied).

It is customany (although not mandatory in ProgSoc's case) for
announcements of SGMs to contain something like:

	To consider and, if thought fit, pass the
	following resolution:

	- That clause 4.1.1 be removed from the
	  Constitution of the Programmers' Society

plus explanatory notes (for those who have missed the discussion to
date) plus instructions and/or forms for the appointment of proxies.

I'm not suggesting that you re-issue the notice on account of the first
two items, but it would be interesting to know whether you were planning
to accept proxies and, if so, how?

- Raz
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