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[ProgSoc] Minutes of Executive meeting 10th March

Exec meeting 10 Mar, 18:29

1. Creation of new non-trustee Executive positions

Two new positions: 1st Year representative, Alumni representative
Three additional keyholders: Room Managers, appointed by executive,
reappointed at Executive discretion.  Can open the room, take
memberships, sell stuff and use petty cash, but no safe access. 

(Requires a Constitutional amendment which will be voted on at the AGM.)

2. 2005 AGM is set for Thursday 24th, Myles to announce

3.  Disposal of sutekh
Disposed of due to tragic CPU failure

4.  Mandatory use of project boxes
All projects stored in the Progsoc room need to have a labelled box, a
supply of which will be found, so that materials can be returned to
the shelf and the work desk kept completely clear when not in
immediate use.

Matthew Beauregard 
Secretary, UTS Programmers' Society

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