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                              P R O G S O C

= ProgSoc Monthly Recap - July 2010 =

The study break has come and gone -- already the Spring
Semester is upon us -- but ProgSoc has been active during the break!

Here are some of the things that have happened and
some of the things we are planning to do:


== Server Upgrade ==

In July, our dedicated CSO Noah has successfully upgraded systems
around ProgSoc, by doing the following things:

1. Servers niflheim and muspell have been upgraded to Ubuntu Linux 10.04
2. The main progsoc.org wiki has been upgraded to the latest version of
MediaWiki (1.16) to correspond with the PHP version used by both servers
3. Webmin has been upgraded -- hopefully some of our LDAP problems have been
4. Squirrelmail has been upgraded to 1.4.20.
5. Desktop machine kali on the far left has been upgraded to 10.04 Desktop.
6. The fridge still works (and is full of drinks).

If you encounter any problems while using any ProgSoc services, including
the wiki, your ProgSoc email, ssh or the fridge, simply contact Noah or
broadcast your problems on ProgSoc mailing list.

== ProgSoc stalls ==

ProgSoc is going to run one stall each at two separate events during August:
UTS Clubs Day on 12th August and UTS Open Day on 28th August. We encourage
you to come help us out on those days. Feel free to contact Tina for more

== Cisco Equipment in ProgSoc ==

Owing to a long-term loan of equipment, ProgSoc will not be offering use of
our Cisco routers and switches to those students doing CCNA-related subjects
at UTS (as described at
http://progsoc.org/wiki/index.php/Cisco_Equipment_Booking) for the time
being. We'll keep you posted as to when we will be able to offer the service

== WiE&IT Second Hands-on Day ==

The second Hands-on Day is coming soon on 18th August. As promised, ProgSoc
will be presenting IntelliPaper 2.0 once again, this time to Year 10 girls.
Livia and Tina both have class clashes this time, however, so we would like
to give a shout out to all ProgSoc members to come help us on 18th August!

== ProgSoc Monthly Talk ==

Following the cold month of talk-less July, we have not had any talks
scheduled for August either. As always, post on the wiki to schedule a topic
if you would like to give a talk for one of the Thursdays.

== TFM Reminder ==

Ultimate goal: publish at some time this year. It may not be finished yet,
but we are definitely publishing this within this year. We promise!


Thus this is the end of July, and so the new semester commences. We hope you
had a good rest from study and we wish you a pleasant semester in the weeks
to come.

ProgSoc Monthly Recap brought to you by:

Tina Ng, Secretary of ProgSoc 2010,
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