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= ProgSoc Monthly Recap - April 2010 =

In only a short month after the AGM, there have been more things happening
than an average month of life in ProgSoc. To keep everyone up to date, here
is a summary of our last month in ProgSoc (or at least what Tina saw).


== ProgSoc Lightening Talks ==

It has finally began, for real. Tina volunteered to kick start this AGM idea
on April Fools with a first year related topic, and it wasn't a joke. Since
Tina was the one hosting the talk that day, Tina cannot comment on how well
that night actually went, but she was happy enough to see almost every first
year audience stayed behind for snacks and chit-chat. The talk was a good
start for the rest of ProgSoc talk events. Big thanks to our first year rep
Livia, who went through massive amount of effort to advertise our first talk
event, and our vice president Tom Bozic who organised snacks.

The next talk is coming up on 6th May, which is this Thursday (from when
this recap is written). Unfortunately no one else seem to be ready for this
day, so Tina is going to host the talk again, this time about "Flash vs
AJAX". According to Tina's proposal, the talk will be facilitated in an open
discussion manner, to make up for her lack of insight in Flash.

Everyone is encouraged to propose topics on Talks Time Table in ProgSoc


== Desktops in ProgSoc Room ==

Our CSO Noah dumped Ubuntu with OS X on rani (the middle desktop in front of
whiteboard). In addition, he is taking software requests from fellow ProgSoc
members for use on the room machines. Right now there's a decent amount of
requests made in the mailing list, but if the software you wish to use in
ProgSoc room machine is not mentioned, feel free to say so in the mailing

You can find the nominated software so far in this mailing list archive:


== ProgSoc Ancient Relics Clearance ==

Led by president Margaret, attempts have been made to clean up unnecessary
junk on the shelves in ProgSoc room this month, which are mostly old books
and dusty hardware. An ancient Apple notebook with touch screen was found
among the piles.

The hardware was left just outside ProgSoc room entrance after the clean up.
It is unknown whether the cleaners took them or some of us took them because
the cleaners told us to. There may or may not still be trashed books behind
ProgSoc room entrance (the room before our actual room with machines).

Speaking of books, you may borrow the books in ProgSoc room shelves by
consulting with an executive. Feel free to drop by on Thursdays to browse
our collection.

== Women in Engineering & IT Hands On Day ==

Currently being led by Livia and Tina, ProgSoc is going to host an activity,
targeted towards Year 10-12, for WiE&IT Hands-on Day on 18th May. The
activity is going to be a demonstration of programming logic, using paper
Tic-Tac-Toe as a primary example. We have named the activity to be
"IntelliPaper 2.0 (Beta)", and it's not a piece of sheet. (courtesy of Tom

Being a girl is not a requirement to host an activity for WiE&IT, so any
help and contribution to the organisation of this activity are welcomed. Tom
Bozic so far has kindly supplied catch phrases and pun jokes as part of the
presentation during this activity.

== TFM Progress ==

Nothing major seems to have happened in relation to the completion of TFM.
Perhaps the most notable achievement in TFM is the addition of the Recursion
chapter, which may or may not still be in the current TFM-in-development.

TFM is a signature product from ProgSoc. Any technical/uni-life related
knowledge that has not been written yet is welcomed. Find out how you can
contribute to TFM here:


== ProgSoc Euler ==

Justin has been kicking significant amount of Euler problems with his Python
throughout the month, with Tom Bozic being second. (Unless the wiki changes
from the change log are all edits of existing solutions.) A monthly
scoreboard may or may not be introduced in the future to present ProgSoc
Euler achievements in ProgSoc monthly recaps.

If you wish to practice programming but don't want to practice with those
tedious assignments, Euler is the answer. You can find out how to
participate here:



This concludes the recap of April 2010 in ProgSoc. Tina hopes you enjoyed
the ProgSoc updates presented here. Since this is the first ProgSoc monthly
recap ever written, you are encouraged to criticize, let Tina know how the
recap can be improved, and most of all, share your stuff for the recap.

Take care and good luck on the second half of Autumn semester.

ProgSoc Monthly Recap brought to you by:
Tina Ng - Secretary of ProgSoc 2010
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