[ProgSoc] Network Connect Ubuntu

Noah O'Donoghue noah.odonoghue at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 20:22:09 EST 2010

Yeah, I did manage to get it to work eventually in Ubuntu 9.04.. However
this was before the days of UTS-WPA, which is faster and more reliable than
UTS-Wireless. The three networks UTS-Wireless, UTS-WPA and eduroam are all
broadcast from the same physical access points anyway, so if you can access
one from an area you can access all. 

If for some reason UTS-WPA is rejecting your credientials, change your UTS
e-mail password, as this refreshes UTS's system and makes sure your user
account is created in all the right places. 

Also, what do you mean by you can't access it from home? How can you access
any uni wireless from home?
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Hi Denis,

The meeting starts from 6pm till late at CB10.03.380. We might disappear off
to dinner after 8:30ish and come back when we're done. It's not compulsory
for you to come though so don't feel bad.

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