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Noah O'Donoghue noah.odonoghue at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 20:26:48 EST 2010

Not really knowing the specifics of fail2ban (yet) I'm just wondering if the
brute force attempts are coming from different ips?


I know some botnets have evolved around fail2ban by doing a distributed
attack that will try only a few passwords from each host. 


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Hi Progsoc

I am after some help with fail2ban. I have it installed on a hosted VM. 

I see progsoc has it installed as well so I thought I would post here and
google isn't turning up any answer.

I am having a problem fail2ban appears to be banning some ip addresses but
when I look at my auth.log there are a lot more brute force ssh attacks that
aren't being blocked. I find this odd how it is intermitent. As it appears
to be working to some degree.

I am running debain lenny 32bit.

My fail2ban.log and my jail.conf are attached



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