[ProgSoc] The next talk

Tina Ng rosareven at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 23:24:36 EST 2010

Hi all,

As no one seems to be ready for a talk next week, I'll be doing a talk
again. This time my topic is "comparison between Flash and AJAX in web
development", presented in a poorly-prepared manner because I don't have
practical experience in Flash. However as suggested by Thomas, I will
facilitate this talk in an open-discussion manner, so you definitely won't
have to bear with my false facts, plus you get to contribute to the talk
without having to prepare for a talk.

This topic may slightly overlap with James Ducker's "WTF is AJAX", since
I'll need to explain what AJAX is to people who don't know about it. However
James' topic will be more about "how to get involved into AJAX", while my
topic is a comparison between two technologies.

Unless James wishes to do his talk next week. (Please?)

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