[ProgSoc] Predict Sydney traffic?

John Elliot jj5 at jj5.net
Thu Dec 2 21:55:40 EST 2010

On 2/12/2010 6:49 PM, sanguinev at progsoc.org wrote:
> http://kaggle.com/RTA

I wouldn't know where to begin in solving that problem.

Or, actually, I would know how to begin (by parsing the data files and 
creating data structures to represent the data), but then I'd have nfi 
what to do.

In broad strokes how would you go about solving a problem like this?

It seems to me that future traffic is probably more likely to vary based 
on more than past traffic patterns. E.g. big events (like Christmas) 
that get everyone on (or off) the road. Although, perhaps effects based 
on ad hoc events are infrequent enough or negligible enough to get 
decent results without factoring them in.

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