[ProgSoc] Multi-index sorting algorithms

James Ducker jducker at it.uts.edu.au
Tue Dec 21 11:57:52 EST 2010

Hey all,
I'm trying to write a sorting algorithm that can sort a set of data
(the usual, lowest to highest, A-Z, etc), but when it encounters a tie
condition between two values, will defer sorting to another set of
data, which I call the "tiebreaker" set. I'm having a diddly of a
pickle getting it to sort reliably (recursive quicksorting wasn't
working, bubblesorting is working /sort-of/, in that values tend
toward the correct position, but are usually off by one or two slots).

Anyway, does anyone know of some good multi-index sorting algorithms?

- James

PS: Here's a link to the current iteration of my code. It's
JavaScript, /fairly/ legible though.


Also, original, less-concise, quicksort-based attempt:

James Ducker
Web Developer

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