[ProgSoc] Reflective piece by a ProgSoc Executive member that has now become an annual institution directed squarely towards those who care to read it

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Fri Dec 24 13:38:56 EST 2010


On Friday 24 December 2010 01:43:45 Tomislav Bozic wrote:
> is for me to meet Jedd and then the trifecta would be complete. Y'all come

 Maybe May.  Depends if I still have a job then.  Or perhaps if I
 cease to have a job, with spectacularly good timing.   Either or.

 Prepare yourself - I'm the opposite of your interpretation of Anand.
 (Insofar as I'm much ruder in person.)

 Aside.  I'm deeply disappointed that serious libation-based sojourns
 didn't really pick up until I left Sydney.  Paranoia inducing, to be sure.

 And a hearty Bah Humbug to the rest of you.


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