[ProgSoc] Need advice on NAS & HDs to get

Leefe 3trk at progsoc.uts.edu.au
Wed Dec 29 23:44:36 EST 2010

At 10:39 PM +1100 29/12/10, Margaret Colville wrote:
>On 29 December 2010 16:11, Leefe <3trk at progsoc.uts.edu.au> wrote:
>>   * NetGear ReadyNAS NV+ (Diskless) RND4000
>>   <http://www.netgear.com.au/au/Product/Storage/Work-and-Play2/RND4000>
>I have this, with a pair of 2TB drives installed using the X-RAID
>configuration.  (WD, I think?  I went to Capitol and found the
>cheapest available.)  It doesn't cause me the headaches that trying to
>configure my own would have, and doesn't have nearly the footprint
>that a full-sized machine would take up.

>Thus far, I really like it.  There hasn't been anything where I've
>gone, "Man, I'm really upset it doesn't have X feature."  I don't use
>all the features, though, so I can't speak for the effectiveness of
>Main features I use:
>* The little LCD screen on the front, which tells you the machine's IP
>address and free space without having to check via the computer.
>* The USB port on the front.  I've set it up that the 'backup' button
>copies the contents of a USB drive plugged into the front to a
>specific folder.  It was handy when I was first populating the thing
>with my files.  My computer was sucking for network transfer, so I
>wound up doing it via USB - I could just leave it and come back when
>it finished.
>* SMB connection.  It works.  Automatically mounts attached USB drives
>as shares, though often demands you provide a username/password to
>access said share, even if none have been set up.

Nice to hear that SMB works, though I'm more interested in AFP 
(having a Mac household).

>* BitTorrent client.  Would be benefited by some way to schedule
>downloads, and some way to select only part of the full download, but
>useful if you don't have on/off-peak constraints and want the entire

I think I read somewhere that you can get 'Transmission' as an addon 
rather than using the build-in bittorrent client.

>* DLNA server.  Seems quite successful.  I'm able to get at my files
>from the DLNA clients without any obvious issues.  (My media streamer
>was able to see the network share but refused to access it without a
>password, even though there were no password requirements on the
>share; hence I'm streaming using DLNA instead.)
>One thing is that it likes to complain that 'ATA error count has
>increased in the last day.'.  I've had the thing since October, and at
>last count, it had 96 ATA errors; they're not exactly mounting fast,
>but they are gradually increasing.  That may simply be a reflection of
>my incredibly cheap drives though.

Doing a Google I see that lots of people seem to be having ATA error 
problems with NetGear ReadyNASs. Maybe I'll avoid them. :) Though 
they all suggest updating the firmware to fix the problem.

>Margaret Colville
>ProgSoc President

Where did you get the actual NAS from?

I've been looking online and found them at TechBuy for $363 (diskless).

Anyone had good/bad experiences with them?



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