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James Ducker jducker at it.uts.edu.au
Fri Apr 8 00:05:31 EST 2011

AFAIK it's close to completion. We're just waiting on one or two people
(cough, guilty) to finish their sections. Bozic Tom Bozic will have the
clearest idea though.

On 7 April 2011 11:22, Pat Morgan <patwm18 at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  Hey Execs,
> Just thought I might start up a TFM discussion thread cause I was wondering
> about it the other day. Is it close to publication, if not how much is left?
> Also do we have a deadline other than* *end of 2011 (only that it's
> probably not a great time to sell then).
> If you're taking ideas suggestions I think it'd be good to push TFM out
> there as much as possible. Feel free to rip these apart at liesure:
> 1) Poster drive a few weeks beforehand
> 2) A quick 2 minute advert by Progsoc members at the start of a Progfun
> lecture or two.
> 3) Set up up a table and banner where we can sell it. A good place for this
> would be the just to one side of the Building 10 main foyer, because every
> IT/Eng student that comes through will see it. This wouldn't just draw
> attention for TFM but also Progsoc, we might even get signups. I'll
> volunteer for this if you like, I'm free and around uni on fridays after 12,
> it's when I usually meet with Mr. Bozic anyway for good Linux-development
> times.
> Good to meet so many of you all at the AGM btw!

James Ducker
Web Developer
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