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*Open invitation to UTS students*


We are looking for *writers, contributors, graphic designers, photographers
and marketers* for an exciting new website for Uni students launching this
semester. No experience necessary - you just need an opinion, a sense of
humour and the ability to put that into words.

Initially, any work would be unpaid, but depending on the success of the
website and your writing, there is potential for paid submissions in the
future. I am looking for blog-style opinion pieces, advice and reporting. I
think a lot of young people have become apathetic or so obsessed with the
whole fashion/ clubbing/ reality- TV world and have lost touch with the real
world. The articles would aim to address a variety of issues, including
uncomfortable political and social issues and would invite discussion and
participation from site visitors and hopefully challenge beliefs or question
how we make decisions. Idealistic, I know, but we can try!!

I would like informative, surprising and witty (but not too punny) writing,
with a little tongue-in-cheek where appropriate.

The *opinion pieces *will give you freedom to explore any issues that affect
young people and uni students in particular. You will be writing on your own
behalf, rather than the website’s behalf. I want to get a true depiction of
different viewpoints rather than a one-sided left/ right view to which the
big papers subscribe.

The *advice and reporting* would be both your views and experience, but the
content may be slightly more limited given the nature of it being advice.
For instance, it would not be within the guidelines to advise people to
throw away their antibiotics and pray to Ganesh!! Similarly, it wouldn’t be
acceptable to follow the trash-mag format of “reporting”.

In the early stages, the broad topics will be

   - Culture/ Lifestyle
   - Money Matters
   - Health/ Wellbeing
   - Inspiration- travel, new experiences around Sydney, young people who
   just win at life
   - Careers
   - Social life
   - Guilt-free procrastination
   - Povochef- recipes and cooking tips for young people on a tight budget,
   basic cooking skills and basic cooking equipment

It would not be compulsory, but to aid in increasing page views and unique
visitors to the site, you would also do some basic marketing using social
media and any uni contacts you have.

*What’s in it for you? *You can have a vent about pretty much any topic of
interest, you can gain some experience writing and fill your CV, and there
is potential for earning money in the future.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in?

Get in touch with the teach on *contact at surviveuni.com.au*

Kindest Regards,

Emma Earley
Survive Uni team
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