[ProgSoc] Locking of ProgSoc Network Accounts -- 26th May 2011

Andrew Halliday andrew.halliday at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 19:55:57 EST 2011

Kudos to this year's exec. Next year will close my first decade in ProgSoc
and I'm surprised it's taken this long to do this to the membership, though
I do remember a few murmurs about this in ages past =)

*waves hi to n00bs and old hats*

I'll try and visit when I can, to say hello, but Sydney is ~3300km away...


P.S. Hey John, I work with a crazy zoologist who looks, talks and walks like
you. It's just downright uncanny. I'd venture he's crazier though.

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From: UTS Programmers' Society <psexec at progsoc.org>
Date: 27 April 2011 16:02
Subject: Locking of ProgSoc Network Accounts -- 26th May 2011
To: Andi Halliday <andrew.halliday at gmail.com>

Dear Andi,

You have been sent this email because, at some point in the past, you had
signed up and paid for a membership with the Programmers' Society of the
University of Technology, Sydney (ProgSoc) and, during the registration
process, you had supplied ProgSoc with an email address, to which this email
has been sent.

As a result of completing the registration process, you were given an
account on the ProgSoc network, with the username


This account gave you access to many resources such as disk space, a web
server, a database, compilers, interpreters, e-mail and many other free
software applications to assist you with your studies, or maybe to
accomplish great feats of software engineering and showcase them...

...all for a small, annual membership fee, that is, to continue using your
account, you are supposed to renew your membership with ProgSoc on an annual
basis, however, our records indicate that you have not renewed your
in 2011, yet you still have access to your account.

Without the ongoing financial support of its members, ProgSoc will struggle
to continue to provide for, meet the increasing demands of, and run
activities and services for its members, and will eventually cease to exist,
sooner rather than later.

It is therefore a policy of the 2011 ProgSoc Executive to ENFORCE THE
OF ACCOUNTS on the ProgSoc network, belonging to those people who have NOT
paid their membership fee for 2011, effective IMMEDIATELY.

As a result, you will have until the

  26th of May, 2011 at 10am AEST

(that's one month away) to pay your membership fee for this year, which is

  $5 Australian for members of the UTS Union Advantage Programme, or
  $10 Australian for everyone else,

to avoid an automatic locking of your account on that day. You will, of
course, be able to renew your membership after this time, but you will be
denied access to your account until you have paid the membership fee, plus
there is no guarantee that the unlocking will be instantaneous (we endeavour
to unlock accounts within 24 hours of receipt of payment), so it is best
you renew your account well before this time.

For more information on payment methods, please read

We have given you one month of free access in order to sort out your affairs
regarding your account (e.g. copying files from your network account,
winding down server applications and cron jobs, etc.) should you not wish to
renew your account at this time.

Your membership fee will go a long way towards funding ProgSoc's many
current and planned activities and essential hardware upgrades, all for
the greater good of all of its members.

The more you give to ProgSoc (not just monetarily), the more you will get
in return.

...and if you still live in Sydney (or are just visiting) and have a free
Thursday evening, why not pay us a visit at our club room (UTS Building 10,
Level 3, Room 380a) after 5pm. We would love to see you some time.

Help Make ProgSoc Great.

Thank you,
>From all of us on the
ProgSoc 2011 Executive
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