[ProgSoc] Fwd: Mega Trivia Night Invitation

Tomislav Bozic tomchristmas at progsoc.org
Fri Apr 29 00:37:08 EST 2011

> Sign me up too. Unless we get too many people and I need to be bumped so
> that someone smarter can take my place.

Not ruddy likely.

> Must win the $1000. Also please clarify 2 things:
> 1. What is the best dressed award for?

For meeting their totally subjective and arbitrary criteria on what it
means to be "best dressed".

> any theme?

It would be up to the Chair of the club's Steering Sub-Committee for the
Selection of Sartorial Suitage to decide on such matters. Any volunteers?

> and whats the prize?

It's a secret (my money is on $100 or free drinks for the club at the

> 2. the bar- is it an open bar?

All the functions that I've been to at the Aerial were open bar...up to a
point, then of course, they shut down once they've gone over their limit.


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