[ProgSoc] Corporate sponsorship

Tomislav Bozic tomchristmas at progsoc.org
Tue Aug 2 19:18:23 EST 2011

FWIW (since I pretty much agree with all that has been said and don't want
to be rehashing things),

I don't think my fears RE corporate sponsorship are completely unfounded,
however, I will admit that I was illustrating the worst-case scenario and
hence was being slightly alarmist.

As mentioned previously, there are undoubted benefits for this club from
receiving an exceptionally large donation, particularly from the corporate
sector (who, for some reason -- probably because they're staunch, evil
capitalists or something -- seem to have the most money. Also, they seem
to have the most interesting programming jobs as well, probably).

But, for practical and constitutional reasons (as mentioned before), the
main, consistent source of funding (and support, in general) for this club
must come from its members.

I am open to ideas as to how this club should be run, as it's my duty as
President to take ideas on board and consider them. And, believe it or
not, I am open to the idea of talking to other companies, not just for the
sake of holding joint activities (THOUGHTWORKS LEGO ACTIVITY NEXT
THURSDAY!!!), but also for funding purposes. I'm not as closed-minded as
some might think.


P.S. There shall be another Clubs Trivia Night this semester (Octoberish),
as mentioned at today's Clubs meeting that I attended. Not only must we
participate to defend our title as champions, there's also another
$500-$1000 that might be of use to us. Hope to see Elliot then, if not

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