[ProgSoc] HTTPS on www, webmail

John Elliot jj5 at jj5.net
Fri Aug 5 22:51:55 EST 2011

On 5/08/2011 10:22 PM, Anand Kumria wrote:
> The whole CA model is basically broken.

Speaking of security, certificates, and "broken". The other day the CIA 
was interfering with my connection (well, it was either that or some 
kind of Thunderbird bug or network connectivity issue, but I'm pretty 
happy to blame the CIA -- I don't think they like me [1]) and 
Thunderbird popped up a message saying that my mail server's certificate 
had changed, and did I want to add a security exception? I'd been 
running with my mail configuration with no issues until then, so I 
really can't explain why this message popped up out of nowhere. But, the 
thing was, I couldn't *not* accept the security exception. The only way 
to get the dialogue to go away was to click 'Add Exception'. I clicked 
'Cancel', but every time I did that the dialog box popped up again, and 
I couldn't close the application while the modal dialog box was active. 
I guess I could have opened up Task Manager and killed the 
thunderbird.exe process, but I was in a hurry so just clicked 'Add 
Exception'. I figure if the CIA really wants to know my email password 
they can have it. Lousy CIA.

[1] http://www.progclub.org/wiki/User:John

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