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Our office, the Consulate General of Canada in Sydney, hopes to increase the awareness of an amazing opportunity for young Australians called "International Experience Canada".  

The governments of Australia and Canada signed a bilateral agreement to make it easy for 18-30 year old Australians to travel and work anywhere in Canada for up to two years at a time.  No job offer is required to apply.  If you or your society members are thinking of taking some time off after university or just spending a few months overseas on university break, this could be a fun and learning experience.  It can also impact your life on a personal and professional level both in the short and long term.

You will join more than 35,000 young participants from around the world who travel and work in Canada each year:
--   gaining valuable international work experience in a bilingual and progressive country, 
--   learning a new culture and building international friendships and networks by traveling across Canada while working at stops along the way to supplement their funds, or 
--   interning abroad for their work placement.  

To learn more about the International Experience Canada (including the Working Holiday Canada) or if you have any questions:
Email us at whpcanada.sydney at international.gc.ca or 
Go to www.australia.gc.ca (click 'Travel and Work in Canada'). 

Kindly advise if the suggestions below are feasible:
1) Include an article and/or testimonial about the International Experience Canada (working holiday) in your society eNewsletter and other points of contact with your members, eg. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.
2) Distribute or make available free "Hibernating, Do Not Disturb" polar bear door hangers to your members. We are able to provide the article/testimonial and photo as well as mail you the door hangers.
3) Any other suggestions? 

Our sincere appreciation for your support,

Geraldine Co
Working Holiday Section
International Experience Canada
Consulate General of Canada
Level 5, 111 Harrington St
NSW 2000
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