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marauder marauder at marauder.net.au
Sun Aug 21 12:54:13 EST 2011

On 21/08/2011, at 9:49 AM, John Elliot wrote:

> On 5/08/2011 3:36 PM, James Ducker wrote:
>> It's issued by a trusted CA and everything! It feels so *professional.*
> http://www.progclub.org/wiki/News#Web_server_reconfiguration
> ProgClub has HTTPS on *all* of its domains, and it has a .COM domain too!
> You should join ProgClub! :)
> http://www.progclub.org/wiki/Why_ProgClub_is_cooler_than_ProgSoc

ProgClub promotes its values every day

ProgClub has servers with uplifting and positive names that remind you of noble values every time you use them, whereas ProgSoc chooses to call its servers things that remind you of hell.

That's gold, my friend.  Gold!


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