[ProgSoc] [ADMIN] HTTPS on www, webmail

John Elliot jj5 at jj5.net
Thu Aug 25 05:23:25 EST 2011

On 25/08/2011 1:04 AM, Chris Deigan wrote:
> Honestly, I find it difficult to gauge your intentions of this.

It's not hard to understand. The ProgSoc executive thought that locking 
the account of someone who has been a member for over a decade (and who 
has donated time and equipment [1] to the club) was a good idea, and I 
think that's bullshit. So... I'm starting a club that doesn't have 
policies like that. Beyond that, I want a place where it's easy and 
encouraged to collaborate on programming projects, and so far ProgClub 
has better facilities than ProgSoc in this regard.

[1] http://www.progsoc.org/wiki/Peisinoe

> You're surely allowed to publish what you like online, but it seems
> to me like you're using Daniel's full name on your website as some
> form of intimidation - or more accurately, as a form of drawing
> attention to his actions here by use of his name.

The name of the rule is "in his honour", it's meant to be a gesture of 
good faith. I can change it if someone finds it upsetting for some 
reason I don't understand.

> I'm particularly curious seeing that the particular section of your
> website is not openly editable as other parts are.

All policies are locked for editing, and "the first rule of ProgClub" is 
a policy. Of course, I'm pretty much *breaking* the policy now, aren't 
I, seeing as how I have to respond to you.

> For what It's worth - I side towards Daniel's position -- you have
> well and truly echoed "ProgClub" to the ProgSoc list quiet regularly
> since you began [ProgClub].

And why shouldn't I let my friends know what I'm doing and what I'm 
excited about?

> There is no doubt you have made many generous contributions to ProgSoc
> in the present&  past. However, I find you calling Daniel "a useless
> spineless ratbag who is intimidated by me because I am objectively
> better and more productive than you in the following areas…" to be
> completely uncalled for, and damaging to the club were Daniel someone
> who's views on the club were more impressionable. In fact, I feel
> such actions would completely revolt someone from having any
> involvement with ProgSoc in the future.

I trust your public scolding of Daniel will be forthcoming too. You can 
see for yourself that he sought to isolate me and put me down:


Everything I said was in response to that. It's not as if I was going 
around picking on people unprovoked.

> I have no qualms with your club - best of luck to you with it. I do
> object to you using personal attacks which undermine ProgSoc's reputation.

Where were you when Daniel was picking on me? Huh? Where were you 
*then*? I think your double standards are showing.

Anyway, I've moved on, and won't have anything more to say unless I need 
to respond to more onlist commentary from people.

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