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John, you've put a lot of effort into Progclub & invested a lot of time and money. Now I may be just the 'top-poster' guy who occasionally mispells things, but I do know it could be argued that it's a bit inflamatory to post to build, administer and then advertise 'how much  cooler' a rival club is than Progsoc, on the Progsoc mailing list. Could also be said likewise about Daniel mentioning your posts are spam, but considering it wasn't an invalid point it certainly didn't deserve the mega-reaction it did. Like Chris I don't know what you want, unless it's to abuse or exact revenge on the Society which is purely vindictive and leads me to question why you want to be associated with ProgSoc anyway. 
You mentioned before to me that ProgClub isn't intended as a satire/flame/rant, that it's a practical business venture, but surely you can see that advertising it like you have could objectively be seen otherwise. You're a good programmer and have undertaken successful business ventures before... why not instead channel that talent towards something that will make money without unintentionally angering people? Or, advertise off the board. If it's not a satire, and just a business venture, then it shouldn't matter right? Because I don't think anyone from ProgSoc is jumping on the proverbial bandwagon.   
Rants make people feel awkward, and I feel badly for the Society having to participate in two of these myself over 'ProgClub', this being the second if you count it. Well the trolls have become bold and numerous, and people are starting to go by ferry. All the current registered members can see these posts, and it encourages people to just avoid ProgSoc -- including me.   

> Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 05:23:25 +1000
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> Subject: Re: [ProgSoc] [ADMIN] HTTPS on www, webmail
> On 25/08/2011 1:04 AM, Chris Deigan wrote:
> > Honestly, I find it difficult to gauge your intentions of this.
> It's not hard to understand. The ProgSoc executive thought that locking 
> the account of someone who has been a member for over a decade (and who 
> has donated time and equipment [1] to the club) was a good idea, and I 
> think that's bullshit. So... I'm starting a club that doesn't have 
> policies like that. Beyond that, I want a place where it's easy and 
> encouraged to collaborate on programming projects, and so far ProgClub 
> has better facilities than ProgSoc in this regard.
> [1] http://www.progsoc.org/wiki/Peisinoe
> > You're surely allowed to publish what you like online, but it seems
> > to me like you're using Daniel's full name on your website as some
> > form of intimidation - or more accurately, as a form of drawing
> > attention to his actions here by use of his name.
> The name of the rule is "in his honour", it's meant to be a gesture of 
> good faith. I can change it if someone finds it upsetting for some 
> reason I don't understand.
> > I'm particularly curious seeing that the particular section of your
> > website is not openly editable as other parts are.
> All policies are locked for editing, and "the first rule of ProgClub" is 
> a policy. Of course, I'm pretty much *breaking* the policy now, aren't 
> I, seeing as how I have to respond to you.
> > For what It's worth - I side towards Daniel's position -- you have
> > well and truly echoed "ProgClub" to the ProgSoc list quiet regularly
> > since you began [ProgClub].
> And why shouldn't I let my friends know what I'm doing and what I'm 
> excited about?
> > There is no doubt you have made many generous contributions to ProgSoc
> > in the present& past. However, I find you calling Daniel "a useless
> > spineless ratbag who is intimidated by me because I am objectively
> > better and more productive than you in the following areas…" to be
> > completely uncalled for, and damaging to the club were Daniel someone
> > who's views on the club were more impressionable. In fact, I feel
> > such actions would completely revolt someone from having any
> > involvement with ProgSoc in the future.
> I trust your public scolding of Daniel will be forthcoming too. You can 
> see for yourself that he sought to isolate me and put me down:
> http://lists.progsoc.org/progsoc/2011-August/002574.html
> Everything I said was in response to that. It's not as if I was going 
> around picking on people unprovoked.
> > I have no qualms with your club - best of luck to you with it. I do
> > object to you using personal attacks which undermine ProgSoc's reputation.
> Where were you when Daniel was picking on me? Huh? Where were you 
> *then*? I think your double standards are showing.
> Anyway, I've moved on, and won't have anything more to say unless I need 
> to respond to more onlist commentary from people.
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