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John Elliot jj5 at jj5.net
Thu Aug 25 17:33:00 EST 2011

On 25/08/2011 1:13 PM, Andrew Halliday wrote:
> John, the problem I had was not your message, but the delivery with significant insult.

For what it's worth, I wasn't trying to be abusive so much as I was 
trying to be assertive. Clearly, I was upset, which I think is 
understandable given the way I was treated. I used terms that 
characterised the behaviour as I interpreted it. To the extent that I 
could have done a better job asserting myself, I apologise for any 
perceived over reaction. I still feel fairly hardly done by in all of 
this, I feel as if I've been unfairly ganged-up on.

I'm trying to be positive and think of the people who have been 
supportive of me rather than endeavouring to belittle or isolate me for 
my actions. There are a few people who think what I've done is cool and 
reasonable, and I'm appreciative of that.

> Thank you for clarifying the timeline of events. I doubt I'm the only
> one who managed to miss out some of those details.

That's OK. For what it's worth, through asserting myself I managed to 
engineer a situation in which I received an apology, which I accepted. 
So, it was a cathartic exercise that got shit everywhere, but in the end 
there was no real harm done.

> Thanks also for your ongoing contribution. Perception is reality
> and mine is now better informed thanks to your reply.

Thanks for saying thanks!

 From my perspective I've been treated a little roughly of late. For 
instance, I donated a computer worth thousands of dollars, and didn't 
receive a thank you note from anyone about it. Rather I've had people 
threaten to kick me out, refuse to correspond with me, and characterise 
me as aggressive or anti-social. It's made me a little sad.

> I don't think you should be kicked out.

Well, that's something. :)

> I think that abusive behaviour however is unacceptable, and no
> matter the justification, should not be tolerated. I'm sorry to
> say I've seen a lot of that coming from you over the past few months.
> All I said is that if you didn't find a constructive way to deal with
> the problems you were facing in progsoc and continued to resort to
> hostile, abusive behaviour, I would consider supporting action to
> address that behaviour. An extreme and remote possible outcome of
> that is termination of membership. There is a vast gulf between
> consideration of something and active support of it.

I don't aim to be abusive, I am to be cooperative and collaborative. 
Generally I feel that I am being assertive and that the "abuse" is 
something that happens under interpretation.

> Jedd, like us all, had a month to deliver his ten bucks.
> Communication has never been a forte of uni societies either.
> Why is this still an issue?

It's not still an issue. It was just the trigger for ProgClub, but 
ProgClub is pretty happy to exist quite independently of this reason.

> Ceasefire mate, you're better than this.

 From my perspective I've only been on the defence. It's not my 
intention to attack anyone.


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