[ProgSoc] Sample assignments

Ben Reardon benjamin.reardon at gmail.com
Thu May 3 15:35:20 EST 2012


Do people have sample assignments they can send me to help me write the
project management part of TFM? So far I figure I want 3:

1. A reasonably simple individual first year assignment, but one that needs
multiple things submitted (eg code, documentation and test script)
2. A small group assignment (2-4 people) that needs different skills to
come together (eg HTML/CSS, Python and SQL)
3. The biggest undergrad programming related assignment there is. Huge
groups, long timeframe, big deliverables.

If people can send me reasonably recent (with the last year or 2) copies of
those questions along with a lecturers email address for permission, I will
be grateful.

Ben Reardon.
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