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Sun May 6 18:40:57 EST 2012

Malaysian Investment Banking Association
Box #23, 4th Floor, South Block,
Wisma Selangor Dredging
142-B, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.


My name is Mr Aban Hakim (Principal Financier/Investments banker)

We the Malaysian Investment Banking Association wish to offer business executives and individuals opportunity to apply for loans for project or apply as a full registered agent with MIBA. Invitation to Join our principle office, Malaysian Investment Banking Association which is a financial service center, whose main focus is to create the right regulatory and legal frame work for the financial service firms to operate within our jurisdiction in order to assure
the development of a sound financial center with the highest national standard of best business practices, In this regard, we only offer guidance financially to institutions/individual that would like to set up an office/new establishment, loan and fully register with the Malaysian Investment Banking Association and know more about Malaysia and the region. 

And also involved in the referral business, promoting financial services institutions, providing finances/loan to companies/industries/individual with good business idea, any types of loan, partnership, and joint venture or procuring investments in local or overseas projects that have not been initiated by us or to employ agents abroad that can connect us to good business idea that need financing/loan.

Get back to me for further details

Mr Aban Hakim
(Principal Financier/Investments banker)
MIBA_ASSOCIATION at financier.com

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