[ProgSoc] Backing up stuff from cloud servers (Jobsoc?)

Chris Deigan chris at deigan.id.au
Thu Apr 17 02:19:26 EST 2014

On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 1:09 PM, marauder <marauder at marauder.net.au> wrote:
> I have a couple of Linode web servers containing data that’s reasonably important to me, and I’d like to be backing that up regularly onto hardware that I own.  I figured a good and cheap way to do this would be to get an old laptop, put Ubuntu on it, write a script to do some rsyncs, and write another script to do some mysqldumps.  Is this actually a good way?  Is there something better?

A reasonable choice! I'd suggest looking at something like
rdiff-backup or dirvish to handle keeping incremental backups. These
suit "pulling" your backups to another server (i.e. the backup is
initiated elsewhere). You probably want to hook up some mysqldumps to
complete sometime before files are pulled.


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