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Tom D hyperzap at progsoc.org
Thu Mar 27 15:45:43 EST 2014

Hi all,

I will be at tonight's AGM to present my report, but I will post it here
for those who
are not coming.

CSO Report:

1. Machines, the room and machine failures
 - Failure of Firewall machine brought network down for a few days - Chris
Diegan setup a cisco router - IPtables on each machine takes
   the place of the firewall. TODO get a new firewall machine working.
 - Crypt is starting to become unstable - occasional hangs which bring down
pretty much everything - needs replacing
 - Death is being worked on - Raid card is dead - trying to get 6 drives
working by connecting directly to the motherboard but limited success.
 - Two new machines are now working thanks to the work of Robin W.R. -
Apple & Banana. More planned.
 - The room has been substantially cleaned - a lot of useless junk has been
cleared - velcro ties have been procured to bind cables in the
   Boxes to save space and neaten our otherwise messy room. All broken
servers have been stripped and disposed.
 - At the beginning of last year we got 6 new monitors to upgrade/replace
our dwindling monitor supplies.
2. Backups
 - There WAS a backup system setup that worked. There is a complete backup
of user data somewhere.
 - After the investigation, backups were frozen to preserve data (for use
in the investigation). At the conclusion, the backup system
   no longer worked :(
3. Raspberry pi's
 - 10 New Pi's were procured for the Code2day competition. These are for
members to fiddle with.
 - Maybe we should develop a system to issue and return the pi's.
4. Future
 - Migrate file storage to a decent server (death? cherry? (proposed
 - Develop the idea of the new progsoc network (prog2, visible on the wiki)
and migrate if it turns out to be feasible.
 - There is alot of interest in robotics projects - perhaps we can
integrate that with our network and progsoc activities.
 - I just donated my ex-wifi-router. Perhaps a progsoc wifi network can be

Tom D(outgoing CSO)
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